Friday, December 03, 2010

good-ol-love-song part 1

I just giggle

Can’t share

Can’t talk

Can’t do much

Just think

And wonder

Only if, something was possible

A new lesson learnt

Old flames die hard

After an era in self imposed exile

That Ice age in grimy cave

Bollywood music sounds good again

And I think about “Ms. Pushpa”

Last year, last bench in college

Complications don’t kill love

Good Daughter in laws

Don’t read playboys

I wonder if this a new beginning

Or am I just being crazy

“Love-Guru” sounds irritating

Half them callers are idiots

Fraandhips, pyaar-vyaar

But the station plays good songs

La la….oh …aha

All I do is wonder…

It’s like being in love again…..

Only with the same mortal…

No wait

That’s not true…

I can’t be that fool again

Remember the last time

I promised

I will do better this time

I don’t write no more

No poems or love songs


May be nursery rhymes


1 comment:

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

so sweet. very nice.